Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten steps to my perfect manicure!

After researching different ways to prep your nails I've come up with my perfect ten steps to a perfect manicure! This is what works best for me you may need to tweak it a little to make it best for you!

These are the things I use to start and finish my manicure!

1. First I take off any polish that I have left on my nails. I normally use pure acetone and a cotton pad. If I'm wearing sparkles I use the tin foil technique to take off my polish here's the link to that tutorial - http://prettyinpolish0.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-remove-your-nail-polish-with-tin.html

2. I use a cuticle remover/softener to remove any access cuticles. The one I prefer is the one by Sally Hansen I'm not positive what its called but the gel is green and it says on the bottle that it is enriched with Jojoba and Kiwi Extracts. I leave the Gel on my nails for about five minutes then use my cuticle pusher to take off any access cuticles. I then wipe whats left on to a paper towel.

3. If any of my nails are really uneven then I use my nail clippers to trim them all down to the right size.

4. After they are all the same size I use a file to clean under my nails and to file them a little and make them nice and smooth.

5. After the tips are smooth I use a buffer to make sure the tops are smooth too! I used to use the ones from the store that make your nails super shiny but after a while I felt like that was just making my nails thinner then they need to be. So I switched to just a very fine buffer that I got from Sally's I'm always wearing polish so I don't really care if my actual nail is shiny or not that's what I have my top coat for!

6. By this point your nails are a little messy and full of nail dust and dried out from the acetone so I use my Mango Magic cuticle oil that I massage into all my fingers and then wash my hands to remove any left over anything.

7. Almost done! I use a little acetone to remove the cuticle oil from my nails and then I use my favorite base coat so far it is Nail Life Nail Revitilizer in Original.

8. Step 8 isn't pictured because it is always different but it is (of course) to polish your nails in any way you want weather it be sponging, nail art, french manicure, or just a single color.

9. After my fresh manicure is dry I top it with a coat of Seche Vite and ta da! Almost done!!

10. This step isn't always needed but when I'm being a little sloppy with my nail painting I use an angled brush dipped into some acetone to clean up around then edges and then All Done!!!

I hope this helped with any questions you may have had on how to prep your nails for a perfect manicure! Thanks for reading and if you want like us on Facebook for more Pretty in polish updates!


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