Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Peachy Shine

I absolutely LOVE this simple, chic, summery manicure!
I bought two new polish colors yesterday.
One is a really pretty, summery peachy-orange color.

I wanted to do something simple with the color- I originally planned to do silver tips. But after I put a couple coats of the peach on my fingertips, I changed my mind and decided to try something new- just a simple swipe of glitter. And I love this- I'll definitely do it again with other colors.
Surprisingly, this color was actually matted. And while it was very pretty, I'm partial to that just-painted wet look. So I used my favorite shiny clear polish and made it super shiny. The clear I used is off-brand, I think it came with make-up or something I bought. It's an awful top coat- it does nothing to protect. However, it gives a better shine than most top coats.
I think this would work for business or work, a casual summer bbq or even a night out with the girls. It's so chic and simple! The glitter is eye-catching but not too obtrusive, like tips can be.

Peach: Essence rebels' Peach Punk
Sparkle: Milani Nail Art's Art of Silver
Shine: Quick Dry Top Coat

<3, Cassie

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  1. Love this! and its so simple that even I could do it :) <3 !!