Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pinwheel swirls

Pinwheel swirls! Super cute, right? Ridiculously time consuming, though. :) The color choice makes it kinda hippy- looking, haha.

If I had had more time before my daughter's candy land themed birthday party, this would have been a cute design for my nails in her color theme!

White: Sally Hansen French White Tip
Blue: Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Blue Me Away
Yellow: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightning
Pink: Cosmetica Fantica Neon Pink
Top coat: Seche Vite

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jordana - Celestial :)

This was a very pretty glitter polish I picked up at my local Kmart that is going out of business. origionally it was going to be a gift... but then I kept it lol.

I tried it over a few colors before i decided I liked it over black the most. It went on really nice and I loved that it has different sized glitters in it. The only thin gI did not like is theat it was a b#!&H to get off! But of course I knew that going into this because it was a glitter polish and those are always hard to get off! But I just used the tin foil method to take it off and it didnt suck as much as it could have.

As always thanks for reading and I hope I added a little inspiration to you day!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Drippy nail art :)

I called this drippy nail art because I couldn't figure out a good name to call it and it looked drippy to me. :) I saw this on pintrest origionally and it looked so easy to do before the night was over I had a brand new mani!

First things first I used Finger Paints - 15 Minutes of Frame, Wet andvWild - Black Creme and Seche vite top coat for this mani. I also used a new dotting tool that I got off ebay to do the dots but you can very easily use a tooth pick or bobby pin or jsut a regular pen.

I started off with a coat of Finger Paints - 15 Minute of Frame. I don't really get the name of this polish but I am IN LOVE!!! This color has litterally been on my nails in one way or another since I bought it. Its much more green in person but its beautiful and I love  it and you should go buy it now! lol

After the base coat I painted a diagional stripe across the front of my nails I tried to make them all the same size but how straight the line is really doesn't matter because the design is going to go right over the top of it.

Next step is to take your dotting tool, which ever one you decided to use, and make a few dots across the line in one color. And then you do the same thing on the other side. The effect this gives is so crazy awesome because it's such a simple design to do your self. I was a little worried about the blue not showing up in the black but I tested it out first on one of my nail wheels and it really wasn't a big deal.

The color options for this look are endless and you could do smaller dots or bigger more or less. You can really switch up this mani and make it your own! And hey if you decide to try this mani out for your self why not show me? Post a pic of your mani on our facebook page and show it off!

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you try this look out for your self because it really is easy to do and looks great!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to fix an Oopps

We have all had it happen to us before. Your mani looks perfect edges clean, polish smooth, and top coat applied and shiny and then you look down to admire your work and DUN DUN DUN you touched something and smudged your nail... ugh

Now you have to deal with it or redo the entire nail possibly ruining more nails in the process. But don't worry I have a trick that is nail safe and you don't have to start all over again!

All you need is some nail polish remover (I use pure acetone) and a flat paint brush. I used the one I use when I'm cleaning up after I do my nails. Ok first step, put a little remover into the cap and dip your brush in wipe it on the sides of the cap when you take it out so you have too much remover on your brush.

After that "paint" your nails with the remover until the paint smudge is flat and smooth. Don't worry if there are imperfections we can fix that. You just want it smooth. After everything is smoothed out then apply a coat of polish over top and tah dah! your Oopps is fixed apply your top coat and your done!

Looks like the Oopps never happened! :) Its a quick fix for any Oopps you might have in your nail polish. Now of course if you have any kinda of design on your nails this technique probably won't work but for just a basic mani its perfect!

By the way this is an Essie Mani I did to try and please my job's new rule that we can't have "wild" nails any more. It's a bit boring for me but I'm learning to live with it and see how far I can push my "wild" nails :) The dark pink is called Fancy Delancy and the light pink is called Raise Awareness.

As always thank you for reading and I hope I helped you out with any little Ooopps you get from now on!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Leopard Rarrwww! :)

So I have always suffered with doing a leopard print on my nails. no matter how many tutorials I've watched and no matter how many times I've tried I've always came up disappointed. But not today! I have finally unlocked the leopard secret and I'm very willing to share that with you.

OK first of course start with your favorite base coat and as you all learned in my last post Seche Vite Rebuild is my absolute favorite. After that I Painted one coat of Nina Ultra Pro - Big Spender, and on top of that I used two coats of Sinful Colors - All About You. For the inside of the dots I used China Glaze - Heart of Africa and for the outside of the dots Wet and Wild - Black Creme.

This is what my base color looked like. I actually had to shop around a little bit and experiment to get this really pretty orangey gold color but it turned out really nice.

First step in the leopard spots is to use a tooth pick or a dotting tool to make little blobs all over your nails. The trick is actually to not be perfect it the blobs are too uniform then it won't look like real leopard spots. It will look too forced and that's the problem I had with my spots for a long time.

Second and last painting step, after you make your inside blobs you have to make little C like shapes around them. Just like the blobs these can't be perfect or they won't look right. And I suggest not using a striper to do these or else your lines are too straight and end up looking like my Fred Flinstone nails. I used a dotting tool but you can very easily use a tooth pick to get this look as well.

Last step is to clean up your edges and apply your top coat which ever one you want. :) I always used my favorite Seche Vite because I think it gives off the most shine. But sometimes I have a problem with shrinking when I use it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope I put a little inspiration into your day!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Base coat to DIE for!

So when I started really caring what my nails look like I started my nail routine which I try to do at least every other time I do my nails. It's ten easy steps and if you wanna See what I do then you can check it out here 10 steps to my perfect manicure!  But most of the time when I do my nails I only do about half of these things file, base coat, polish, and top coat easy peasy. This post is about a base coat that I recently found that is just to die for! Its called Seche Rebuild.

I bought my bottle at Sally's and it came in a box like in the picture and this polish is amazing! I use it every time I do my nails! On the box it says that it is a unique protein formula that seals the layers of your nail together making it stronger and thicker and less likely to peel or break. I was a little skeptical at first because I feel like I've tried dozens of products that say they're going to do the same thing but this one actually works! Its weird because when you paint it on your nails you can almost feel it, like its really getting into your nails and with in one week, probably about 4 applications, I noticed a difference. My nails are harder and just feel stronger. I keep my nails pretty short most of the time because with the job I have its kind of impossible to have nice long nails but since I've been using this as my base coat I've been growing them out and they have stayed long for a longer then normal without breaking or peeling. The only thing that's sad about this polish is that about a week ago I was at Sally's and it was on the clearance rack and I asked the lady and she said that they are discontinuing it in the stores which made me sad but I did manage to buy the rest my Sally's had for the clearance price :)

I hope you can find this product to try out because it really is awesome, and if you do let me know how it works for you and if you have any other base coat you just love I'd like to know about it them as well. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like our face book page! PrettyInPolish


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Splatter nails where just as much fun to do as they look! and yes they made a MESS!

I've wanted to do these for a while and finally had some time to do my nails and time to clean up a mess! lol

This is what I used; a base coat of Seche Vite Rebuild(I can't say enough good things about this stuff!), China Glaze - Aquadelic, Nina Ultra Pro - Pink Flamingo, Sinful Colors - Snow me White, and of course Seche Vite Top Coat.

Ok so first I started out with a base coat of Aquadelic. Then I took an old paint brush and painted the tip of it with Pink Flamingo, and then I just took my thumb and sprayed the paint on my nails by running my thumb across the brush. I did this over a paper plate just so I didn't get paint every where. I did one nail at a time and did the pink and then followed with the white, taking the dried nail polish off of the tooth brush with polish remover when it got to be too much. Now after I finished with my little splatters I took the paint and a tooth pick and made larger spots on my nails just to give my nails a little different look.

Ok now there was a lot of clean up and I probably would have taped off my nails like I do when I do a water marble but after a few Q-tips and my angled brush they came out looking great!

These Nails where awesome and I wish they would have lasted longer then they did! I will definitely be doing these again with different colors because they where so cool and I got so  many compliments on them!

As always thank you so much for reading! I hope I added a little inspiration to your day! Oh and don't forget to "like" our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PrettyInPolish0


Friday, July 6, 2012


My birthday is July 3- the day before Independence Day. When I was a little kid, my parents would tell me every year that the fireworks all over were for celebrating my birthday. And of course, I believed them for a few years. LOL. So I've always loved fireworks.

I was torn this year between doing my nails birthday themed or America themed. (I know, I have so many problems, right!?) So I chose fireworks- something that for me, signifies both!
I especially love big colorful fireworks, so that's what I did.
I painted a couple coats of Sinful Colors black on black and then picked out a few colors I thought would pop. I was concerned that the non-neon colors wouldn't be as bright- but they worked so well!
I tried different firework-painting techniques. Some I did long lines, others short. Some bent and falling and others going up and spreading. I played around by drawing fireworks on paper with chalk- a super fun 4th of July craft to do with my little girl.

As you might have noticed, I did this design on artificial nails so that I could take photos for my Etsy shop, Finger Candy. You can buy this design over there, if you want! Check out the link to my shop. :)

Black: Sinful Colors black on black
Blue: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away
Green: Cosmetica Fanatica neon green
Yellow: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightning
Neon Yellow: Cosmetica Fanatica neon yellow
Purple: Essence Color n Go Passion for Fashion
Orange: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sunkissed
Pink: Cosmetica Fanatica neon pink
Top Coat: Seche Vite

American flag nails

I also did a 4th of July mani! I actually planned to do fireworks nails for Independence Day (post to come!) instead of flag nails, but I recently bought a really pretty blue color and the mani was inspired from that. It was a really quick, easy mani that I didn't spend too much time on. After all, I do live in Germany, and most people in Germany don't celebrate America's Independence Day... LOL.
So, like I said, I started with this gorgeous cerulean blue color. It's part of Essence's "Ready for Boarding" airline collection, and it's called "via airmail."

Pretty, isnt it?
I then layered two fingers on each hand with a red from Eva Supreme color. I did quick white brush strokes with a French Mani white from Rival de Loop. I was about to draw some stars when I remembered some 3d star glitter I have.
I started with just a few stars on each blue nail, and thought it looked too plain, haha. So I clumped them on heavy trying to achieve a clumpy type of look. It kind of worked. LOL.
 I applied the glitter with a clear NYC top coat.
Finished with a couple coats of Seche Vite to lock in the glitter.

This mani took me all of 15 minutes and looked really cute!

Blue: Essence's Ready for Boarding: "Via Airmail"
Red: Eva Supreme lacquer "Flame"
White: Rival de Loop French Manicure White
Top coat: Seche Vite

Happy 4th of July!