Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YaBaDaBaDooooo Fred Flinstone Nails!

So these nails I did by accident but they came out really cool! I was going for a leopard print but it didn't quite come out like I had imagined. So instead of calling these leopard nails I'm calling them Fred Flinstone nails because that's what they remind me of.

See what I mean? They look similar right? Well at least the colors are kind of similar to me :)

This is what I used to get this design. From left to right; Seche Vite top coat, Maybelline Color Show - Coral Crush, Wet n Wild Megalast - I need a Refresh Mint, and A black striper mine is from color club.

First I did my base coat of Coral Crush. I had just bought this color and had to do something to jazz it up a little and I was thinking why not leopard spots?? It sounded good to me so I took my black striper and made some bracket looking shapes and some dots just randomly through out my nails.

After I did this I picked a contrasting color( I need a refresh mint) and added dots to all of the brackets and I was thinking Tah Dah Leopard! Ehh Not really.

This is what I got not quite the leopard I was going for(next time I'll practice first.) But I still really liked them and the orangey and blue colors reminded me of Fred Flinstone so there you have it! Fred Flinstone nails :)

I hope you enjoyed these pre-historic nails! And I hope I added a little inspiration to your day thanks so much for reading!!


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