Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Take on Chevron Nails

So I like the chevron look, you know the diagonal triangles in stripes on your nails? Ya I'm not sure how to explain it so I'm just going to show you.

See what I mean? Now I did these on the fly so please ignore the slight mistakes but not everyone can be perfect! lol Plus from far away(like most people are when they look at your nails) you cant even tell!

So First I started out with a base coat of China Glaze - Aquadelic One of my favorite colors ever! The stripes are Revolon Top Speed - Royal(another favorite) and I just used a black striper for the black stripes.

Ok so this is how I did it. I used little pieces of tape to tape off the areas I wanted to stay light blue and then painted over it in the dark blue and before it was dry i took off the paint to leave the design.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture or not but the tape I was using didn't really stick that well and it bled a little but that gave me the bright idea to add the black stripe along all of the dark blue. I'm glad I did this because I think it really made the design pop!

These where super easy to do and like I said I did them on the fly and even managed to take pictures while I did them so I know any one can do these! On some fingers I alternated the way I placed the tape, either facing up or down and alternated where exactly I put them. Thats why none of them really look the same. I think next time I'll try to do lots of different colors! maybe a different one on each finger? and I'll use better tape too! There is just SO many posibilities with this design!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope I added a little inspiration to your day!


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