Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Fix a Torn Nail

Ok imagine this...
      Your nails look beautiful they are just getting to the point where they are long enough to do some really cool designs with, they are all the same shape and size. And then it happens!! The dreaded break the one that happens right at begining of the nail and you have to cut it down to a nub and look lop sided for weeks until it grows out...

Scary huh? Well you don't have to suffer with nubs anymore! I'm gonna tell you the trick to fixing your torn nail. I have 2 different ways to do this and you can do either depending on what you have on had and if you can make it to the store or not.

The first way is to go to Sally's or your local beauty supply store and pick up a nail repair kit. In this tutorial I'm using Orly's nail repair kit. The kit comes with 3 things nail repair powder, a little buffer and a bottle of nail glue.

The first thing you have to do is to make sure your torn nail is clean and free of any nail polish. Be careful not to rip the nail any more then it already is. After you do this you paint over the crack in your nail with the nail glue and let it sit for just a second until its tacky and then dip your nail into the nail repair poweder.

When you take your nail out of the powder brush off the access and let it dry COMPLETELY! I can't stress that part enough because if you don't let it dry then the whole thing gets ruined and most of the time I just had to end up cutting my nail.

After it has dried all the way it will be hard and all you had to do is buff it smooth with the buffer that came with it or one of your own. I used my own because the one that came with it was too little to control for me.

You can still kind of tell where the rip was but ts patched all up now and as soon as you put polish on top of it you can't even tell there was even a problem!

The second way to patch a broken nail is for all you hot tea drinkers our there. The first step is the same make sure the nail is free of all polish and dirt. Then take a hot tea bag and empty out all of the tea. After its all cleaned out cut a patch out of the bag about the size of your tear in your nail. Then using nail glue of super glue (both work just as good as the other one) glue the patch on to the tear. Again let it dry all the way before buffing it out smooth.

Both ways work just as good and as long as you don't mess with it the patches will last unti the next time you use polish remover to take off your polish or until the nail grows back. Which ever comes first lol with me its always until I use remover again.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you learned something new!

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