Sunday, June 3, 2012

Black and Neon

So I've been in a nail slump lately nothing I tried I liked but these where a few that I actually did like! First I started with black nails then did the striping and dotting with white before putting the neon on top so that the design would stand out. The designs where just totally random and maybe that's what this look was not my favorite neon look I had this week.

Now it is super hard to take a picture of neon colors but just imagine all these colors as neons like highlighter colors! Because that's what color they where and they looked pretty darn cool! Now these where "ok" in my book but since I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my nails I had to redo them. This is what I used.

China Glaze - In the Lime Light. China Glaze - Pink Voltage, Sinful Colors - Dream On, Milani - Dude Blue, Nina Ultra Pro - Solar Flare, Wet and Wild - Black Creme and FINALLY I topped it all off with Color Club - 0-60 Top Coat.

Ok so I didn't get a picture of this but I started painting all of my fingers a different color, since most of these colors are neons they all tool about 3+ coats. after they where all the way dry I used my stripping tape (which is pictured on the bottom of the polish pic) and put a piece across the tips of all my nails. I got my tape online somewhere because I've never been able to find it in any stores around me but you can used just regular scotch taped cut into strips if you want to you can ever cut the tape into funky waves or shapes to make the look even cooler. Ok so after applying the tape I painted my nails black let dry for just a few seconds and then ripped the tape off!

And tah dah! Perfect lines! Now this is the look I ended up sticking with until I had to work and it ruined them :( Stupid work! But anywhoo this is my summer black and neon look and they are oh so cool! lol

As always thank you for reading!!

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