Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to remove your nail polish with tin foil

So I've been seeing this technique done around the nail blogs for a while and I wanted to try it out. Its a way of removing your nail polish with nail polish remover soaked onto cotton placed on your nail wrapped in tin foil.

These where my beautiful Wizard of Oz nails after two days at work :( My job is brutal on my nails.

My supplies consist of ten tin foil pieces, ten cotton pieces and some nail polish remover I was using pure acetone I got from Sally's. I only use pure acetone when I've got a big job to to just because it dries out my skin so bad.

What I did was soak each cotton pad in remover place it on the nail and then wrap it in foil so that the remover doesn't evaporate. I left the foil on for 5 minutes and that seemed to work for me.

This is the end result after 5 minutes. It worked really well the little bit you see around my cuticles came off with one swipe of the cotton pad. I was kind of impressed actually because i didn't think it was going to work so well. This technique definitely makes life easier and i can't wait to try it when i wear sparkles on my nails because if you've worn sparkles you know its a toughy to get off!

Thanks for reading! Any requests are always appreciated!


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