Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There's no place like home there's no place like home... Wizard of Ozinspired nails

These are my Dorothy inspired nails from the wizard of Oz.These took a long time to get right trying out different blues, differentdesigns, and different reds to get it to look right. I ended up not even usingthe color nail polish that inspired my whole design, but I still think youshould check it out because the color is awesome. It’s Milani Jewel FX in Red it takes a few coats and works best when youlayer it over another red and it is beautiful! I love all the Milani Jewel FXcolors! But back to my Dorothy design, like I said I tried a lot of differentdesigns to get this Wizard of Oz look right as you can tell from my nail wheellol I almost filled up the whole thing.

I ended up picking the Dorothy designeven tho I liked the yellow brick road one too. I started with a base coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White I needed two coats.

Then I started on my stripes, I took the brush from my white striping polishand wiped it off with polish remover so I can use it in Revelon’s Colorstay in Coastal Surf. This blue was actually not light enough so I had tomix it with a little bit of white to get the stripes right.

I made two stripesdown and two stripes across on each nail and then what made it look like realplaid is I took a little non lightened blue and put it where the stripes crossed.This made the design really pop! After this I used more of my white to make awhite French tip on all of my nails so that the red would really pop.

When itwas dry I topped my tips with Malini Ruby Jewelswhich is an awesome sparkly color and put a line of black around the tip to clean up the lines a bit. I then spent a good amount of time cleaningup my cuticles because I just made a mess, and topped it with my favorite topcoat SecheVite.

I love these nailsand actually today I got what I think is the best compliment I’ve ever gottenon my nails. I was in Sally’s (looking for more polish of course) and the ladywho checked me out asked if my nails where those polish strips that you can buyand with a big smile on my face I said no these are all me! : ) There is a lotof polish on my nails and I have to work tomorrow so they may not last as longas I would want them too but I’m sure I’ll be turning heads with my nails foras long as I have them! Thank you for reading please leave me a comment withany nail requests you would want to see.

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  1. I love them!!! And the yellow brick road ones!!!!! Soooo gorgeous!!!! Really wish I had the patience for this!!! I always get mine all smudged.. Blehh :) Thanks for inspiring me! <3