Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peacock feather inspired nail art

So I'm in the middle of planning my wedding! Its very exciting and my colors are like those of a peacock and that's is where I got my inspiration to try and do peacock nails they where easier then i thought they where going to be and didn't really have to be very precise with how you did the design to make it look good. Please disregard my thumb the black bled a bit.
So for this look I started off with a base coat of my Nail Life in original which is my normal base coat then I picked out a peacock like color for the base color I picked Wet N Wild's Morbid for that. After that dried I started from a corner and made "feather like" stripes with a few different colors before I was satisfied with what my feather looked like. For the stripes I used 4 different colors; Kiss Nail Art Paint - Beach Green, Wet N Wild - Teal of fortune, Nina Ultra Pro - Big Spender, and Sinful Colors - Call you later. After my stripes dried I made the eye part of the feather. Just gold didn't look good for the largest dot and I didn't have an orangey, bronzey, gold ish color so I mixed Nina Ultra Pro's Big Spender with Pure Ice's Really Rio to get the really cool orangey color. For the middle dot I used Revlon's Ocean Breeze and for the last I used Sinful Colors' Black on Black. For the bigger dots I used the end of a paint brush and for the smaller I used my little dotting tool I have.
These are all the colors I used I'm glad I used these colors because I found out that Wet N Wild's Teal of Fortune is an awesome color! Sparkly blues and greens I will definitely be using this in the future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my design! If anyone has any requests for designs please let me know I can always use a little inspiration from others :)



  1. I have a request!!!!! Speaking of weddings, I had a Wizard of Oz wedding almost two years ago. It's my all time favorite movie and the book is just amazing as well! I would LOVE to see some WOO nails!!!!! :)

  2. It's crazy that you just asked about that I've been experimenting with a Wizard of Oz design since I found this awesome ruby red glitter that reminded me of Dorthy's shoes. I'll definitely have to get on that one!

  3. Adrienne- STILL every time I see anything Wizard of Oz, I think of you! I think Wizard of Oz nails would be fabulous. :)

  4. I've been busy with school work this past weekend (Damn Finals!) but my nails are prepped and primed and I will be doing them as soon as I get out of class tonight :D