Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arrrr Matey!!

I did these nails a while back for a local pirate fest where I live.We dressed like pirates, spoke like pirates, and acted like pirate so of course my nails had to match the days theme :)

I've been loving the gradient look lately and I know I wanted to do red and black for my pirate look so that's what I did! 

I used three differnt reds and a black for this look first (the brightest red) I use Sally Hanson's Diamonds and Rubies, then Nina Ultra Pro's love struck, then China Glaze's Heart of Africa, and last but not least my Sinful Colors' Black on black. Also for the skull and cross bones design I used Revlon top speed's metallic.

The design was actually pretty easy to do. I just used a tooth pick and free handed it all. I thought It came out pretty cool. I did it on both of my thumbs.

I hope you liked my little treasure of a nail design as much as I did. lol :p Thanks for reading!


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