Sunday, April 22, 2012

Road map/cars mani

My sweet little girl's new obsession is toy cars. She loves them! So we got her a road map rug for her bedroom and a couple new toy cars- an ambulance and a fire truck. She definitely thinks they are the coolest.

Since I spend so much time in the nursery looking at this carpet, I, of course, drew some inspiration from it and did a road map manicure.

I did a green base and used grey to paint the windey streets. I outlined them in black and used white to paint the center stripes. Then I painted a few little cars here and there and a few buildings and houses.

The buildings and houses look a little more like blobs than I intended, haha.

The whole mani looked better in my mind than it turned out on my finger nails, but I still think it looks pretty cool and it was a good idea. :)

I love the round-about on my right hand middle finger.... hehe. :)

And the yellow car on my left hand middle finger.
<3, Cassie

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