Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art in Motion ?

I was in Walmart the other day looking through the nail polish trying to decide if I really needed another bright pink or not and a new display caught my eye. This polish is called art in motion and it's supposed to be "magic." I was a little skeptical but I bought it any ways :)

\This is how the polishes came, you get one "magic base coat" which is the white color and then you get the black one which is supposed to turn bright blue, like the label in the front, when you put it on top of the white. It also came with a little emery board that looked like a record but I didn't use it. Ok so what you do is paint your nails in the white base coat and let them dry then you paint on a coat of the black color and it is supposed to turn blue and make a design as it dries which it why its called "Art in Motion"
This is what It turned out like. I guess I didn't realize it was just going to be a crackle but it was really cool that the black changed to light blue I'm still not positive how they got it to do that. I ended up putting putting this on my toes because I already had my nails done. its actually one of the cooler crackles that I have :)

I've never taken a picture on my toes before they kinda look funny lol I do love my crackle polish on them tho :) I would definitely suggest picking up a bottle of this polish its pretty and I think only about $5 for the 2 bottles, they also had other colors pink purple yellow and green I think. Worth it if you like crackles!

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