Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flower paisley stamping

As I mentioned before, I bought a new Konad stamper and some plates recently. I've mostly just played around with stamping small designs and tip designs, until now. I tried a full-cover nail art stamp and I adore it.
I used a flowers and paisley design, it's cute and feminine.
Here is a closer view of the design.
I was originally going for a lighter pink base so that the white wouldn't stand out nearly as much, but I just couldn't resist trying it on top of a matted color. I do have a clear polish that will turn any color into matte, but I didn't want to layer too much.

I chose not to use a top coat in order to preserve the matted look.

Pink base: Sinful Colors Professional Matte Collection's Dream On
White: Konad Special Polish in white
Design: Konad image plate M64

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